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 79 reasons……………

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79 reasons…………… Empty
Post79 reasons……………

79 reasons……………

•Prosecutor is fired after giving the interview on TV where Michael said: “I think there are many difficulties in this case.”
•The police are totally confused with the case. “What we? What I can tell you is that I do not have the answers to these questions, “said Chief of Police of the Los Angeles broadcaster CNN.
•Soon after the death Janet Jackson was seen entering the mansion to Michael to accompany the service of employees of a company for change. Then out of the house of a huge truck mudanças.De according to the site “TMZ,” the vehicle carrying the personal star to a store yet desconhecido.Tudo it done before the expertise of Police of Los Angeles.
•The chronicler says Derek Clontz have located a diary of the wrist in which Michael Jackson explains how to distort his death by heart attack. The report was found “between the singer's personal belongings.”
•Legally, the body of the singer could be in Forest Lawn cemetery. This is where the wake was in the presence of the family this week and is what is written on the certificate of óbito.O document records the death on June 25. Says the body is in Forest Lawn cemetery, but only “temporarily.” Nevertheless, no sign of the body. It was a weekend in the common cemetery. (G1 – 13/07/2009)
•For years he had passed long periods in Bahrain showing its intention to establish residence in the country.
•He would be 'nice' and 'testing' just before the “death” (see Michael Jackson Latest test).
•The ambulance took the firefighters nearly an hour to remove the “body” of your home to the hospital, even knowing that no more complex procedure could be done in residence (see the delay to help Michael Jackson).

•The doctor he was missing for two days after “notice” of death. (See Doctor of Michael Jackson is gone)
•Closed coffin (or the Pope's coffin was closed all the time – see speculation about the whereabouts of Jacksonpersist)
•Nobody in the family cried for real. Neither could pretend, even a small child forced to say something;
•Monumental debt (U.S. verMichael Jackson accumulated 500 million in debt).
•What reason would be for the family to request the removal of 13/07/2009 crypt where would mysteriously to a hold for 'security reasons'?
•What justifies the existence of several secret passages in Neverland? (In respect of the G1 on 05/07/2009, there were stairs that gave plenty of doors in rooms and passages that 'apparently' does not lead anywhere. “Michaelloved secret passages. There are many here at home,” the actress reveals that led the report. In the room withMichael, it shows another hiding place, with three locks, which indicates a secret passage.)
•The masks, from constant use, used to prepare the double that was sick and in a terminal, while Michael took care to provide a new face, to live anonymously from now on. (see Patient: Michael Jackson is caught with deformed hands)
•Who called 911 was calm too. (See link for emergency 911)
•In August he was going to launch a song or call Resurrection, and had already released an album so in the past!
•Nobody knows your body where it was taken after the memorial.
•The doctors do not speak the death (Family and Medical avoid talking about causes of death of Michael).
•The U.S. president who was a fan of the star is only ruled on the suit a week later and was not the funeral.
•A private physician who leave their careers to devote to a single patient, just in time not more crucial with your “unique” patient to the hospital?
•Michael is used to disguise, lately arrived in the Middle East go disguised as a woman to make purchases (seeMichael - In the Middle East)

•The delay in the outcome of the autopsy, and the IML of the river where everything works the coal … is so difficult to recognize an overdose?
•After the ceremony the family “mourning” was “celebrating” a Vienna restaurant.
•Before he reached the hospital to CNN as Michael was already dead.
•Leave a testament to a fund that the entrepreneur and managing partner. (Michael Jackson: Mother will not give property)
•In the U.S. there is a law that if you try to kill two or three times you can change your identity and to forge his own death.
•A large stock of things he (MJ) was auctioned to pay debt was bought by an anonymous collector supposed. (Panties for Michael Jackson go to auction)
•For someone who does not show since 2006 would have a tour scheduled, coincidentally, for about a week after his death?
•The plan had been mapped out long ago, as shown in the letter of his music Morphine, which is about heart attack, morphine and the drug Demerol.
In an emergency call at any time the name of Michael Jackson was said, only a “man who was wrong.”
•Elizabeth Taylor, who was a close friend, said the event the memorial was a “circus.”
•A possibly empty coffin was displayed in the show where the tickets dismissed collective were not charged, “who was wanted.” No one can legally challenge anything.
•Employees of the U.S. border with Mexico, says that Jackson and an unidentified man had left the country on the night of his death.
•His death certificate refers only to the dead is a black man dead because still undefined.
•Products related to Michael Jackson concerts that take place in the O2 Arena in London, are being traded normally – even after death.
•The social entrepreneur and do not go to the wake, even the private physician is present. (Conrad Murray, star of the doctor, the funeral will not)

•After the wake, rather than take the coffin to the cemetery with him gone!
•In connection to the emergency, who says the league is unconscious man lying in bed, and that the doctor tried CPR on him. A person trained in medicine does not know that cardiac massage must be done on a hard surface?
•Before 'dying', sign a contract for a series of presentations. Says not read the contract (?), Is committed to 50 shows, thinking they were only 10. (Michael Jackson is annoyed with the amount of shows)
•Michael even used fake names to get the medication that's needed. “(Michael Jackson wore false name to buy drugs)
•It is known that some time here, Michael used mannequins and even double it off the press.
•Before he reached the hospital the police were there already forbidden the passage of all.
•His father, Joe Jackson, said to ABC News that he suspected the circumstances surrounding the death of his son.
•In the funeral there was no registration of credentials to journalists. Michael was a public person, all newspapers, websites, radio stations were aimed at coverage of the “death” of him. It is clear that there should be the registration of the press to cover the funeral. Thus, the press had to get a ticket and stand in the middle of the audience, narrating what was happening. But nobody saw, filmed, photographed, recorded by anything backstage.

•The doctor would have been little more than a week working with Michael telling its customers that it would for a special mission (Doctor of Michael Jackson stop clinic 11 days before death).
•The person who appeared in the press about the show in London was an impostor.
Michael Jackson had long training sósias.
The scenes of the ambulance that took the singer to the hospital a truck show slower than those of gas that are playing musiquinha. That was an ambulance?
•Now the IML of Los Angeles wants to see all medical records of Michael Jackson. Now see medical records and previous dental procedure is when you are in doubt as to the identification of the body.
•”If Michael Jackson was a case of very strong pain, they hold more morphine,” says the anesthesiologist at the Hospital San Luis Daniel Oliveira. This is because the body creates mechanisms of resistance to the effects and need larger amounts for the drugs to take effect.
•A friend Oprah Winfrey has not so far any mention of the death of the minimum singer, arousing the curiosity of fans.
•Those who met the artist give widely conflicting medical reports on the use of medicines by MJ.
•The singer himself knew that it was unable to hold a series of 50 shows, but ended up yielding to pressure from persons who had money. “I do not know how I do 50 presentations. I am very nervous, “said Michael on one occasion.
•The recent information that in recent years Michael dressed as a woman in secret shows that he was training to go up when a woman was in the Middle East, where he could use the burca quietly to hide his face.
•AEG Live suggested that fans keep the tickets for shows in London.
•There was the examination of DNA for confirmation of identity. However, a person would have 12 plastic surgeries in the last couple months could only be identified only by civil visual recognition?
•Confirmed the news that he would be with cancer would be an opportunity for the demise (see Michael Jacksondied at the time).
•The Staples Center, where gym was the funeral is owned by AEG Live Concerts on the promoter in London.
•The doctor Conrad Murrey is collaborating with the authorities to clarify the circumstances of the death of the singer.
•The sister La Toya in recent interview says that the death of Jackson is a conspiracy. La Toya also claimed that millions of dollars in cash and jewelry disappeared from Jackson's home the day he died.
•His particular nurse spoke to him only five days before his “death” because he had called to tell him that it was not going well and that it needed medicines. No one would expect that she would immediately give further assistance now begin on the eve of a great tour of 50 concerts in London?
•In his supposed last test he is using a style of hair for eight years ago.
•The photo shows the ambulance with the skin tones of brown. Have a picture that shows the night before death, it is extremely pale skin.
•The last picture of Michael Jackson trial was grossly forged, with the notable errors in editing and overlap.
•At first the news was that the insurance policy that the promoter of the show with Michael Jackson hired Loyds not cover death by overdose. But an hour to another, past a week, bingo! Now find that the insurance covers the damage but the death by overdose. Not enough this sudden change of approach, Louise Shield, chief communications from Lloyd's Insurance, said that clause is “strange” and never knew of a case of insurance by overdose of drugs. Louise Shield all expressed their discomfort with the case, but not confirmed or denied if the insurance covered overdose. (See AEG Live will make compensation for death of Jackson)
•Now besides the very LaToya Police of Los Angeles begins relevance to the idea of murder.
•Major newspapers are beginning to discuss the contradictions between the testimony of people close to Jackson.
•Surprisingly the doctor took half an hour to call the emergency because, he says, did not know the address of where you were (although I had gone with his car to the house, fully working there, and lived nearby).
•The author Ian Halperin, who 'curiously' wrote in December 2008 that Jackson would die in six months, then now alleged that he was looking for a new home in England or in Berlin, or in Montreal in Canada, according to the ” The Canadian Press. “
•The doctor Arnold Klein did not provide information voluntarily to the police, who had to do search and seizure in his office.
•Jermanie brothers Tito and now declare that they have not seen the body in the coffin.
font: http://tony15007.wordpress.com…..009/07/05/michael-jackson-nao-morreu-segundo-site-americano/
Here's the source for those who understand Portuguese. I do not know if you already have or believe, but I found interesting, because I believe!


79 reasons…………… T365095302_65217_6
Hello Michael .. How are you .. ??? and you know what ? I LOVE YOU !!!
P.S if you read this .. send me an e-mail
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79 reasons……………

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