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 Few things

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PostFew things

Joey Skaggs "The Final Curtain"

Who Is Joey Skaggs?
"Joey Skaggs (born 1945) is an American prankster who has organized numerous successful media pranks, hoaxes, and other presentations. He is considered one of the originators of the phenomenon known as culture jamming. "

Joey Skaggs was a prankster. He enjoyed pulling pranks on the media. And only the media.
"refusing to really scam anyone except the media"

How Does This Relate To Michael Jackson?
Well, when I ask people "Why do you think Michael hoaxed his death?"
The answer I get most often is "I think he's trying to teach the media a lesson"
Which makes sense, think about all the Hell the media put him through. Its a logical explanation too me.

"This Is It, This Is The Final Curtain Call"
Sound familiar? That quote was spoken by Michael Jackson himself, at his O2 Press Conference. This quote seems to have been "Stressed". Like they wanted people to remember it. let me explain:

"final curtain call" is a phrase used long before Michaels press conference. Meaning "last show" or "last act". But now all its being assosiated with is Michael Jackson. Look:

Few things Final1

All I did was type in "Final Curtain Call" into google, and all I got was Michael Jackson.

How does this relate to Joey Skaggs?

Good question. As you now know, our friend Joey here liked pulling pranks and Hoaxes on the media. Well one of his pranks was named The Final Curtain.

Few things Fo

"The Final Curtain (2000): Skaggs' creation was a combined funeral company, virtual graveyard and theme park. It was meant to satirize showmanship in places like Forest Lawn cemeteries."

Basicly, he wanted to draw attention to the death-care industry which he described as "a giant corporate scam, exquisitely successful at commercializing death." He didnt like how big cemeteries, and insurance companies...etc. made so much money off of peoples deaths. (notice how Forest Lawn is used as an example, coincidence? I think not.)

Making money off of a persons death, now that sounds familiar.

"He hires actors to play his customers, refusing to really scam anyone except the media. Often the prank is nothing more than a press release with a phone number; in these press releases, Skaggs leaves hints or details that easily could be checked for accuracy. Eventually, he reveals the hoax to make his point."

He hires people?
Press release?
Now wasnt Michaels death announced in a press release made by his Brother?
Hints or details that easily could be checked for accuracy?

Such as his Death certificate stating the wrong middle name, or The search warrent stating the wrong adress. You know, things like that?

"Eventually, he reveals the hoax to make his point."

Kinda makes me wonder...

Smooth Criminal and Gilda?

Okay, so for thoughs of you who saw This Is It should probably remember Smooth Criminal. Before the song (if I remember correctly) Was a short black and white film.

Few things Gilda2

Remember this picture? Well Ill give you a hint, this picture was not in Smooth Criminal. This is a picture from the movie "Gilda" A black and white film made in 1946. Now, you may be asking yourself, "why is she showing me this picture?" well, its very simple. This picture resembles the begining of Smooth Criminal, alot. Infact, the whole black and white film in Smooth Criminal resembled "Gilda" quite a bit.

What significance does Gilda have?

Good question!


"Mundson reappears, armed with a gun. He had faked his death to deceive the Nazis"

A charecter in this movie, fakes his death. In the link above is a full discription of the movie.

Take a look at this video, around 3:40-4:05 specificly.

(Video posted by Piano Games)

Few things Untitled
So heres anouther instance where Gilda comes up.

Strange But True:

Few things S


Few things T365095302_65217_6
Hello Michael .. How are you .. ??? and you know what ? I LOVE YOU !!!
P.S if you read this .. send me an e-mail
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Few things :: Comments

Re: Few things
Post on Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:05 am by Admin
Flaws In The Search Warrent

Before you read, Know that ALL credit goes to Layla (Streetwalker) for her amazing research and dedication to finding the truth.

So we all know about the search of Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas. The pharmacy belived to supply Dr.Conrad Murray with Popofol.

The purpose of a search warrent, is for police to get the right to search a certain location. A search warrent for my house wouldnt give them the right to search my neighbors house. Why? Because they are two different adresses. Which makes them two different locations. Therefore, it wouldnt be legal for them to use it on my neighbors house.

Now, why am I telling you this? Its very simple acctualy, let me show you some pictures.

Here is a picture of Applied Pharmacy Services adress. This is the pharmacy that the search warrent was issued for
Few things Real+adress
So you can clearly see that the adress for Applied Pharmacy Services is the following:
2851 N Tenaya Way # 202

Las Vegas, NV 89128-0453

(702) 304-0770
Okay, Now lets show you a picture from the search warrent:

Few things Adress+1
That clearly says:

6370 West Flamingo, Suite #1 LV, NV 89103

Thats kind of strange if you ask me. Lets do a search of that adress:

Few things Fake

Nothing about the pharmacy.

Lets search this adress in Google Maps:

Few things Map

Looks like a "Salon & Haircut Spa" to me, I dont see a pharmacy anywhere in that picture.


Making the warrent INVALID.

Anouther thing, Grace Rwaramba is the name of Michael Jackson nanny that he hired to take care of his kids. But the search warrent refers to her as :

Few things Crage
Grace Owanda?

This Is It album

A quote about the This Is It album:
"The order of songs is the same as they would have been during Jackson’s comeback tour in London"

That would of been more believable if it were acctualy true. Here is a picture of the albums back.
Few things Tii+back

So, tell me...wheres Dirty Diana? We know he was soppost to preform that during his "concert". Kenny Ortega said so himself. But its not on this album. Why not? Insted its all the songs that were in the Movie. This tells me that This Is It was intedned too be a movie all along.


As many of you alredy know, TMZ seems to be MORE than ontop of the Michael Jackson coverage.
For starters:

-TMZ confirms Michael Jacksons death at 2:20pm
-The coronor announces that Michael Jackson passes away at 2:26 pm

So, TMZ knows and confirms Michaels death 6 Minutes BEFORE he acctualy "died"

Tmz considered him dead before anyone else, now they dont consider him dead at all..

Notice they include the deaths of (most recent death reports, to the reports right before June 25th) :
-Bruce Springsteen's cousin
-The dog that was in Lady GaGa's music video
-Stephen Gately a boy in an Irish boy band
-Ajile Turner, the cousin of rapper Common
-Patrick Swayze
-John Hughes
-Alexis Cohen, a former "American Idol" contestant
-Walter Cronkite
-Oscar Mayer
-Steve McNair
-Billy Mays
-Farrah Fawcett (who died the SAME day as Michael)
-Ed McMahon (who died the 2 days BEFORE Michael)
-Martha Stewarts cat

So, Martha Stewarts cat, and a dog who was in Lady GaGa's music video are more important to report than Michael Jackson. okay.

Few things Tmz2

Remember LaQuanda?


Remember our favorite Liar girls?! LaToya LaQuanda and Laquisha? You know, the girls who worked for Conrad Murray, the ones he called on the morning of June 25th to go move things around in his storage unit? The ones who were interviewd and gave COMPLETELY different stories? I DO! Incase you dont, the story is in the link provided above Smile

Few things Laquanda1

Yep. Thats her

Few things Laquanda2

So is that!

Few things Laquanda3

Here she is again!

Few things Laquanda4

...and again.

Few things Laquanda

Hey Look! Here she is in Ed Hardy with Michael Jackson April 27, 2009.

So wile looking threw photos of Michael Jackson I had noticed this girl, something about her didnt sit well with me. I knew her face, I've seen her before... but I couldnt quit put my finger on it. It bothered me. So I obsessed over it, of corse. But I got it! (maybe)

So thats kind of a big coincidence that she was with Michael on April 27th a little less than 2 months before Michael "passed away", and now shes being accused of hiding evidence for our Doctor (who is totally real by the way*) Who "killed" Michael. What a big coincidence.

On a side note...The names LaQuanda and LaQuisha sound totally* real.

Inconsistencies In Dr.Murray bios

"Conrad Murray is affiliated with two hospitals, one in California (St. Rose Hospital in Hayward, Cal.) and Texas (Doctors Hospital Tidwell, Tidwell, Tex)"

Few things Searched

I dont think so, but it was a nice try. Conrad Murray does not exsist in that hospitals data base.

As for "Doctors Hospital Tidewell" It does not provide the option to search for doctors. Convenient? A little. But heres the website : http://www.dhthou.com/ It will provide you with nothing.

Few things H1

thats about all the info they give you, lets just do a search on theese people, shall we?

Mike Bullard- hockey player/Canadian talk show host?

Few things H2

Must be the wrong Mike Bullard. So I did a google search of "Mike Bullard CEO" and I got ONE site that had his name, and the word "hospital" in the same link. So I went too it.

Few things H3

That looks about right, I wanna know more, so lets click on read more. I clicked on read more, but it brought me too a page with a long list of "Physician-Owned Hospital CEOs" ones I guess we should know. But the only one I was intrested in knowing about is Mike Bullard, but oddly enough, he wasnt even on that list.

Few things H4

Farida Moeen- I got a link for the Vista Medical Center in Texas. Apparently Farida Moeen is the CEO of this hospital

Few things H5
Just incase this hospital was related the the one Dr.Murray is supposivly "affliliated" with, I did a search in this hospitals Dr. Dictionary.
Few things H6

No. He is not. But thats off topic anyways, moving on...

Tonya Johnson- no such luck. When typed in "Tonya Johnson" I got this:

Few things H7

So I typed in "Tonya Johnson CNO" and the only medical related reasult I got was the link for this "Doctors Hospital" Homepage, again...

Dr. Stacy Jones, M.D.- She is the owner of a family practice, located in Houston Texas

Few things H8
Theresa Eatherly- "Theresa Allen Eatherly has been named chief financial officer of Houston Town & Country Hospital" Houston Town & Country Hospital? I thought she was was the CFO of Doctors Hospital...

Few things H9

For kicks, lets see if Dr.Murray is in anyway related to this hospital

Few things H10


OKAY. So we can conclude that Dr.Murray is NOT affiliated with St. Rose Hospital in Hayward, as stated. The proof is right up there, he is not listed in there Dictionary of Doctors. And as for this "Hospital Of Doctors" Im assuming it is a real hospital but there website is VERY unprofessional compared to all the other hospitals websites. I dont know anything about Hospitals and the medical business so I cant make any conclusions, but you have my research above ^^ and you can make up your mind up youself.

On anouther topic, how old is Dr.Murray?

Few things Searched5

Birthdate: 1958

I take this as a trustworthy professional site.

But I feel the same way about this site:

Few things H11

Birthdate: 1953

(also, on anouther Dr. search site his birth year was stated as 1953 aswell, but I saved that photo to anouther computer by mistake)

But wait, Look at this pretty picture, Murrays famous Mugshot.

Few things H12


The countrys legal system does not lie.

(okay, even im laughing at that one)

On anouther note

Licensed in California, April 22, 1991

Graduated Loma Linda University 1992

Livensed before he graduated?

One last thing thats been bothering me for just the longest time

Few things H13

I shouldnt have to say whats wrong with that picture.

Lets have some reader interactment!

Go to Google.com

Search "Conrad R Murray"


search "Conrad C Murray"

tons of hits for both.

Re: Few things
Post on Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:18 am by Admin
Like Father Like Son-In-Law. (Michael Jackson and Elvis comparison)

Well Im sure we have all heard the expression "Like father like son" right? Well, how about "Like father-in-law, like son-in-law"? 'Cause that seems to be the case here, and you know exactly what Im talking about. Michael Jackson and his ex Father-in-law Mr.Elvis Presley.

We all know about Michaels marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis's daughter. And we all know that it has been rumored for years that Elvis is still alive. Whos to say that Michael didnt marry Lisa Marie for a short amount of time to learn how to fake his death. Im not saying he used her, maybe she knew about it. The timing was right, he asked her to marry him during the time of one of his trials, and terrible time in his life, maybe he just wanted to end it...

Lets just look at the similarities, shall we?

Both named King Of...
Elvis Presley was named the King of Rock n Roll
Michael Jackson was named the King of Pop

Both "died" of a drug over dose

similar cemetery names
Elvis was burried at Forest Hill
Michael was burried at Forest Lawn

Fans question last picture
Elvis mourners questioned his oddly arched eyebrows and a pug nose.
Many people question the ambulance photo of Michael stating that it doesnt not look like him

2 Different weights reported
Elvis weighed approximately 250 pounds at the time of his "death", but his death certificate stated 170 pounds
Michael was 136 pounds at his time of "death" as stated by autopsy reasults, but his death certificate states 112 pounds

2 Hours after supposed death...
Two hours after the public announcement of Elvis'death a man who looked like Elvis purchased a plane ticket for Buenos Aires under the name of John Burrows, an alias Elvis had used on several occasions, and one that was reported in government documents.
2 hours after Michaels supposed death
LAX airport was secretly shut down to receive an undisclosed person of
interest. Then the control tower was told to "ignore" the jet taking off on a private runway, headed for an undisclosed destination

Missing from property...
A number of Elvis' most prized books such as his Bible, Chiro's Book of Numbers, and the Autobiography of a Yogi all disappeared after his alleged death, never to be recovered. As well as photos of Lisa Marie.
Millions of dollars and expensive jewls were missing from the house of which Michael was staying at, after his "Death" and never found

Record companys not showing signs of sadness
Elvis' record company RCA showed no care by releasing millions of his recordings and merchandise
Sony wanted to launch a Michael Jackson memorabilia tour, as well as launched a Michael Jackson movie and released a never before heard track titled “This Is It

Both said goodbye to friends
two days before his alleged death, Elvis called a lady friend named Miss Foster to tell her he had canceled his upcoming tour and that she should not believe anything she would read about him
Arnold Klein said that about 5 days before Michaels "Death" Michael said a final goodbye to everyone in the office

Both sent flowers to loved ones?
A former paramour named Lucy de Barbon received a single rose in the mail on the day after Elvis' alleged death with a card identifying the sender as "El Lancelot", her secret pet name for Elvis, unbeknownst to anyone else.
A few days before Michaels dead Liz Talor tweeted "Somebody I care for very much sent the following note to me with flowers and I wanted to share it with you"

Questionable signatures on death certificates
Graphology experts have proven that the signature on his death certificate is Elvis' own handwriting
Dr. Murray refused to sign the Death Certificate of Michael Jackson, we are not even sure that there is a signature at all

Missing evidence
All photographs taken at the death scene of Elvis have mysteriously disappeared
surveillance footage was taken from Michaels home and is missing. footage that could solve the mystery surrounding the last moments of his life

Neither made it to there final tours...
A tour was scheduled to begin August 17, 1977, but at Graceland the day before, Presley was found unresponsive on the floor of his suite
Less than three weeks before the first show was due to begin in London and with all concerts being sold out, Michael Jackson died of a cardiac arrest.

Middle name conflicts...
Elvis' death certificate says "Elvis Aron Presley” But on his grave his middle name is spelt like "Aaron"
Michael Jacksons passport states his middle name as Joe, as well as many court documents. But his death certificate states it as "Joseph"

Larry King Live and the Geraldo Rivera Show
Gail Brewer Giorgio is a strong belive that Elvis is alive, and has appeard on Larry King Live many times, aswell as The Geraldo Rivera Show
We have seen MANY of Michaels relatives and friends on Larry King Live since the time of his death, and we have begun to belive that Larry King is in on it

Paul McCartney The Great Hoax

-Big Celebirty
-Major Music Icon
-Death Hoax
-look alikes
-death causing major record sales

All sounds farmilliar, right? Of corse it does, im talking about Michael Jackson, right? Nope. Im not. What if I told you Im not talking about Michael Jackson, but some other major music icon. Thats right, Im talking about Mr. Paul McCartney!
If you were around in the 60s and 70s you know what Im talking about. If you werent, than Im sure you've heard about when Paul McCartney "Died" If not, Then heres the story:

"Rumors of Paul McCartney's death began to circulate in 1969, a time when the strained relationships among the Beatles were becoming public knowledge. The story was that Paul McCartney had died in a car accident at 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 9, 1966. Paul McCartney Dead: The Great Hoax suggested that Paul had picked up a female hitchhiker on his way to visit friends. The woman became so excited when she realized who had picked her up that she threw her arms around Paul and caused him to lose control of the car. Both Paul and his passenger were killed when the car swerved off the road and hit a stone fence. And here's where the story takes a turn toward the ludicrous—Paul was decapitated in the accident and the trauma to his head was so severe that even his dental records were useless in identifying the victim! Not wanting to lose potential record sales, record company executives suppressed the story of Paul's death and brought in a lookalike to replace him. For some reason (this is the part where you have to suspend disbelief) the surviving Beatles agreed to go along with this scheme, but they left clues on all of their subsequent albums about Paul's death and the imposter who took his place. Paul's stand-in was a man named William Campbell, who had won a Paul McCartney lookalike contest. With a little plastic surgery, William Campbell had taken Paul's place in photos of the group. The surgery had been successful except for a small scar above his lip. And, as luck would have it, William Campbell could also sing and just happened to be a songwriter with an exceptional ear for pop melodies. "

Basicly The Beatles pretended that Paul had passed away in a car accident and left "clues" in there songs to get more record sales and gain popularity.
Few things Dd

Now How does this relate to Michael Jackson you ask? Well it all fits together! Michael and Paul were great friends at one point, they recorded songs together and Michael even lived with Paul for a short amount of time. In the time they spent together Paul could of told Michael all about this Hoax Death plan, he could of told Michael about how much it made his record sales go up, how much money he made and how popular it made him. Unknowingly giving Michael ideas...

Few things MndP

Now lets look at the lyrics of a song Michael and Paul recorded together shall we...

The Man
There's a man
Who plays the game of life so well
Ooh, there�s such a man
His thoughts you can never tell, ooh
And it�s just the way he
Thought it would be
�cause the day has come
For him to be free
I'm alive and I'm here forever

Waite just a darn minuet! "Im alive and Im here forever" where have I seen that before? It sounds soo farmilliar...OHYEAH! Thats right, it was on the wall in big letters at Michael Jacksons Memorial!

Few things I-am-alive-mj

As you can see, Michaels friendship with Paul is quit a significance.

But hey, what are friends for, right?

Re: Few things
Post on Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:26 am by amyconell
Conrad Murray Is An Actor.

Yes! You read correct, Conrad Murray is infact an actor. He had roles in The Plague and in 24 Hour Party People. But is actor Conrad the same person as our Dr. Conrad? Ill let you decide that...

Few things Conr

When I tryed to do some search on "The Plague" I didnt get much at all. So I put my main focas on "24 Hour Party People"

Here are some screen shots from the movie:

Few things 24_hour_party_people_bild_7

Few things Murray01

Now here are some photos of everyones favorite Doctor:

Few things Conrad-murray-arrested

Few things Conrad-murray-mj-doctor

Looks alike doesnt it? I think so, but some people have there doubts. But hey, were all entitled to our opinions.

If you go to the wikipedia page for "24 Hour Party People" and click on the cast link you get this:

Few things Conra

You can clearly see where it says Conrad Murray, Now, If you click on that Conrad Murray link you get redirected too:

Few things Conrad

The Death Of Michael Jackson. So, if actor Murray and Dr. Murray are not the same person, why is Actor Murray being assosiated with the Death Of Michael Jackson?

Did I mention Info on this Actor is almost impossible to find:

Few things Conradm

Notice where unter Biography it says "Data unavailable"
Re: Few things
Post on Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:29 am by amyconell
Few things Shrink10Dr Conrad Murray is set to launch a lawsuit against AEG for the medical services he provided for Michael Jackson, according to reports.
Miranda Sevcik, a publicist for Dr Murray’s lawyer claims that the music and entertainment group owes Murray US$300,000.
She says that AEG has been “dragging its feet”, even though Murray has requested that he get paid for two months of work for the late singer.
Sevcik claims that Murray gave up his medical practice to sign a binding deal with AEG - who have yet to pay up.
Sevcik told TMZ that Murray is not going to file a creditor’s claim against Jackson’s estate.
“Dr Murray needs the money and he’s entitled to the money based on the contract he signed with AEG,” she said.
AEG could not immediately be reached for comment.Dr Conrad Murray is set to launch a lawsuit against AEG for the medical services he provided for Michael Jackson, according to reports.
Miranda Sevcik, a publicist for Dr Murray’s lawyer claims that the music and entertainment group owes Murray US$300,000.
She says that AEG has been “dragging its feet”, even though Murray has requested that he get paid for two months of work for the late singer.
Sevcik claims that Murray gave up his medical practice to sign a binding deal with AEG - who have yet to pay up.
Sevcik told TMZ that Murray is not going to file a creditor’s claim against Jackson’s estate.
“Dr Murray needs the money and he’s entitled to the money based on the contract he signed with AEG,” she said.
AEG could not immediately be reached for comment.
Re: Few things
Post on Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:24 pm by ImLost
Theese are awsome! Did you write them? Good Job!
Re: Few things
Post on Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:40 am by amyconell
ImLost wrote:
Theese are awsome! Did you write them? Good Job!

thatx well i didnt wrote them it was on diffrent difrent site i geherd them all and here is the result Few things Icon_smile
Re: Few things
Post on Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:42 pm by mjsgirl89
Wow...afer this I have no doubt in my mind that we are dealing with a hoax here...Thanx for these posts...definitely mind-blowing XD
Re: Few things
Post on Tue Apr 20, 2010 12:49 pm by Woodie5
Well that sure is some great work! you should have been a detective!
The whole objective here for those helping with the Hoax is to Elude people
from the truth ,so lets hope its to give MJ a chance to comeback and thrill
us again and not to protect a murderer!!! Few things Icon_biggrin
Re: Few things
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Few things

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